Terms and Conditions

You hereby acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions with respect to the access and use of the Electronic Bill Board (ebb).

You have been provided access and use of the ebb pursuant to an agreement entered into between Stanbic Bank Limited (Bank) and the East African Tea Trade Association (EATTA).


You will be provided with a unique user name and password (the "Access Code") by the Bank for purposes of accessing the ebb. The Bank reserves the discretion for administrative and or security reasons to request you to choose a new Access Code from time to time.

You will be required to log into the ebb to enable you to commence a session for purposes of viewing transactions relating to you and the status of each transaction with respect to the Collection Account.

You will be required to log out of the ebb once you have finished using the ebb.


In all circumstances you shall be required to register with the Bank through EATTA, for access to the ebb service. You will then become a registered user and will be required to provide the Access Code which must be accurate and complete. You will be required to up-date the Access Code from time to time when necessary so that it remains accurate and complete.


The Access Code is specific to you and only you are allowed to use your Access Code. You will be required to keep the Access Code secret and should not be disclosed to any other person.

You duly acknowledge and agree that you shall use maximum caution to keep the Access Code confidential and log-off from the ebb when your session is complete to prevent unauthorized access to information relating to the your account.

If the Access Code is subject to unauthorized use, you should immediately inform the Bank. The Bank shall cancel the Access Code and you will be required to register again. The Bank shall not be held liable to you for any loss whether consequential or otherwise due to any unauthorized use of the Access Code.

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