What is the Electronic Billboard (EBB)

The Electronic Billboard is an online payment reconciliation platform that offers real-time information as transactions for teas bought at the Mombasa Tea Auction are processed. This solution was developed and is supported by Stanbic Bank (K) Limited. It brings together, Producers, Brokers, Buyers and Warehouses who are members of East Africa Tea Trade Association. Through the platform, brokers upload catalogues and invoice buyers after the auction. The buyers select the invoices to pay for and generate a payment instruction (E-Slip) and quote the E-Slip number when paying to the Tea sales Collection account at Stanbic Bank. Upon successful processing of the payment, a tea release document is sent to all players as proof of payment. The solution is built in strict adherence to the East Africa Tea Trade Association rule book.

EBB solution is available through a web link and is accessible anywhere, 24 hours a day; 7 days of the week.

Below are a few simple guidelines to help you prevent any fraudulent transactions

• Keep your EBB access password private and confidential.

• Verify all tasks before you authorise them

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